Adult Discipleship

  • Adult Bible Classes

    Adult Bible classes are offered on Sunday mornings as part of our commitment to help each other grow in our understanding and application of the Bible.  We believe God’s Word is authoritative, powerful, and relevant, and that He has given us the Bible to help us mature in our faith.  Some classes are a direct study and application of a particular book of the Bible while other classes are topical studies that help apply God’s Truth in different areas of our life. Classes are offered in conjunction with the second worship service on Sundays at the same time that we offer the full ranges of children’s classes.

    Current Adult Bible Class: Going With God ( A study in Acts 1-15)

  • Edify

    Edify is a one year plan for those who long to grow deeper in their faith.  Edify places individuals in side-by-side relationships to discuss and pray through biblical resources.  The goal is spiritual formation, Biblical knowledge and application, as well as relational support and prayer.  Books used in the plan are Multiply (Francis Chan,) Classic Christianity (Bob George,) Ephesians (NT Wright,) and Forever (Paul Tripp.)

  • Men's Ministry

    CCC Men’s Ministry seeks to provide men environments where they can connect with Christ, other men and where they can discover how to be godly men in their personal life, family life and work life. Our motto is "Be there for the other guy!" recognizing that men need other men in their lives.  We believe men have much to offer the Kingdom of Christ and therefore we seek to provide opportunities for men to serve in our community and church.

    Men's Breakfast: First Saturday of every month at 8:30AM

  • Women's Ministry

    CCC Women’s Ministry provides opportunities for women of all ages to grow in their relationship with Christ. Real women, at different places in their spiritual journeys, learning what it means to walk with Jesus in the business of modern life.  This ministry seeks to build up believing women and provide opportunities for women with questions about faith to find an entrance point to Christianity.
    Bible Study:
    Girls Night Out Events:

    Women's Retreat:

  • Home Groups

    Home groups provide a supportive environment to learn and care for each other's needs, build meaningful relationships, and help us mature through the encouragement and accountability needed to grow in faith and experience personal change

    Find out more about our home groups HERE